Seeking to strengthen the wellbeing of our state by increasing access to affordable, quality healthcare for North Carolinians.

Seeking to strengthen the wellbeing of our state by increasing access to affordable, quality healthcare for North Carolinians.

Coverage Gap Impact Map

Closing the health insurance coverage gap in North Carolina would provide an affordable option for health coverage to over 600,000 workers, veterans, and parents across the state in addition to boosting the state and local economies. Scroll over each county to see how many people would gain coverage if North Carolina closed the coverage gap and the rate of uninsured workers in that county. For more information on how closing the coverage gap would impact a particular county, click on that county to pull up the full county datasheet.

What Leaders Are Saying

Closing the coverage gap is a human and economic imperative. It's time we worked together - across party lines, and as rural and urban communities - to close the gap. The health of our rural people and our rural economy depend on it.
Patrick Woodie
President / NC Rural Center
Many women lack critical health insurance prior to getting pregnant, and at least six months following the birth of their child. Closing the coverage gap will ensure all moms and all babies have continuous access to healthcare.
Michaela Penix
Director of Maternal Child Health & Government Affairs / March of Dimes
Closing the health coverage gap is so important both for our economy and for the working citizens of our state.
Don Flow
CEO / Flow Automotive Companies

Recent Updates

Closing the Coverage Gap is Good for Public Safety

By Katie Horneffer, Intern, Care4Carolina Each year, North Carolina spends over $1.5 billion to keep nearly 52,000 people incarcerated in its prisons and jails. Corrections costs also make a significant dent in counties’ budgets; for example, Haywood County spends about $3.4 million per year in jail costs, Macon County spends about $2.6 million, and Jackson […]

Lessons from Louisiana: How Closing the Gap Bolsters Disaster Response

By Katie Horneffer, Intern, Care4Carolina In North Carolina, September means peak hurricane season. In the past two decades, twenty-six recorded hurricanes have affected our state during the month of September, more than double any other month. As one of the most vulnerable states in the US, all regions of North Carolina have suffered the effects […]

North Carolina’s Veterans Need Healthcare: Close the Coverage Gap

By Katie Horneffer, Intern, Care4Carolina Last week, the U.S. withdrew the last of its troops from Afghanistan, bringing an end to the 20-year war. This week, our country will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. These events provide a sobering reminder of the sacrifices that America’s veterans have made in the name […]