Seeking to strengthen the wellbeing of our state by increasing access to affordable, quality healthcare for North Carolinians.

Seeking to strengthen the wellbeing of our state by increasing access to affordable, quality healthcare for North Carolinians.

Coverage Gap Impact Map

Closing the health insurance coverage gap in North Carolina would provide an affordable option for health coverage to over 600,000 workers, veterans, and parents across the state in addition to boosting the state and local economies. Scroll over each county to see how many people would gain coverage if North Carolina closed the coverage gap and the rate of uninsured workers in that county. For more information on how closing the coverage gap would impact a particular county, click on that county to pull up the full county datasheet.

What Leaders Are Saying

Closing the coverage gap is a human and economic imperative. It's time we worked together - across party lines, and as rural and urban communities - to close the gap. The health of our rural people and our rural economy depend on it.
Patrick Woodie
President / NC Rural Center
Many women lack critical health insurance prior to getting pregnant, and at least six months following the birth of their child. Closing the coverage gap will ensure all moms and all babies have continuous access to healthcare.
Michaela Penix
Director of Maternal Child Health & Government Affairs / March of Dimes
Closing the health coverage gap is so important both for our economy and for the working citizens of our state.
Don Flow
CEO / Flow Automotive Companies

Recent Updates

Remember Our Veterans

By Mack Bonner, M.D., MPH, United States Navy Medical Corp Veteran The largest population of uninsured veterans are in the southern states that have not chosen to expand Medicaid; Texas has the most at 120,000, but in NC it is estimated that 30,000 veterans and 23,000 military veteran family members have no health insurance. Many […]

Medicaid Expansion could Reduce the Harms of Tobacco Use in NC

By North Carolinians for a Tobacco Free Generation There’s good news and bad news when it comes to smoking and tobacco use in NC. First the bad news: Over 19,000 North Carolinians die from cancer each year and 30.5% of these cancer deaths are attributed to tobacco use. Thankfully, many people want to quit using […]

Medicaid Expansion Can Save Your Limbs if You Have Diabetes

By Lynette Tolson Somers, Director of State Government Affairs, American Diabetes Association Diabetes is a chronic (long-lasting) disease that affects the movement of glucose from the blood stream to the cells. When blood glucose levels rise, it signals the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin acts like a key that unlocks a door to let the […]